Monday, December 4, 2017

Undecided on the Atlanta Mayor Runoff Election?

Are you undecided about the Atlanta Mayoral race?  Your Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System is here to help!  As we close in on Election Day, we asked your final two candidates their thoughts about the library and what books are currently on their nightstands. We know you want to make the most informed decision possible for you and your family.  What better way to get to know your candidates than by seeing what they read and how they feel about your local library.  

Enjoy this quick read before heading to the polls.  

Keisha Lance Bottoms
What are you reading? 
Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (available for checkout and download)
Nature Shock (available for download in Overdrive)

Why do you think the library is so important to our community? 
"Libraries are important for several reasons.  For me a book is not just words on a screen.  A book is a tactile experience, too.  I want the joy of holding a book, touching the binding, smelling the pages, and turning the pages to that next adventure or bit of knowledge waiting for me on the other side of the page.  Even in 2017, with the technological advances that libraries utilize, the simple act of seeing, holding and reading real books is something a library provides for anyone. And that leads me to my second point.  Libraries provide access to knowledge, and adventure, and creativity, and different worlds, to anyone for free.  In a sense, the entire world is available in a library.  Any child, any family, regardless of background and situation, has all of that at their fingertips only because libraries exist.  This critical mission must be protected, and that is why I will always support and fight for our public libraries." - submitted by Keisha Lance Bottoms' office

Mary Norwood

What are you reading?
Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, Angela Duckworth (available for checkout and download)
City on the Verge: Mike Pendergrast (available for checkout and download)
Governing by Network: The New Shape of the Public Sector

Why do you think the library is so important to our community? 
"Know that Mary is an avid reader.  Reading is fundamental and she is supportive of and determined to see that children by age 7-8 years be reading at a 3rd grade level by the 3rd grade.  Research has proven the significance/ importance of this goal.  Mary Norwood is all about youth empowerment, youth employment, etc and reading is the first necessary step in securing their futures.  

As an aside, Mary recently hosted Librarians from across the country at the Annual American Librarian Association - Black Caucus National Conference Opening Reception in August, 2017 through Retired Fulton County Librarian Carolyn Garnes and the Local Arrangements Committee of the organization.

Mary also sponsored a collaboration with you all - Fulton County - and the Shriners with the RED Fez Reading Program competition.  Participant Winners were treated to a day of festivities at a Circus/ Carnival and more.   So, she is involved in and truly supportive of Library services."
- submitted by Mary Norwood's office

Please note:  all answers are printed as submitted by each candidate.  The opinions expressed here are not necessarily the opinions of the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System. 

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