Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Volunteers build experiences, resumes and library’s future


These three volunteers are living examples that building your experience and network can help with employment because they were hired for full time Library System positions in the last 30 days.

Emmett Brantley, III had completed a degree in film and video and wanted to learn more about the library’s resources. Brantley said, “I helped many patrons find books within Dogwood’s catalog and completed various computer tasks like printing and editing documents, sending emails, and even creating job portal accounts on which to upload resumes and create profiles. I have also improved my social skills as I am more vocal as it pertains to communicating with other people, which is something that I could not say prior to volunteering.”

Kevin Brown was a librarian at Atlanta Metropolitan State College who wanted to learn more about public libraries. “Since I had academic library experience but no public library experience it seemed like the perfect opportunity to serve in a familiar way while learning more about the public side. I learned how much the community uses the library for meetings and how popular the hold requests are for books. I am looking forward to serving the community through programs and events for children and teens in and around the downtown area. Thanks to the Volunteer department for working to place me. My positive experience at the East Atlanta branch made me want to join AFPLS,” said Brown.

Shirley Favors was a part time employee who was laid off during the 2014 budget cuts, but still wanted to help support staff at the Central Library. 

They completed volunteer applications and orientations, then were motivated to get involved in their community and give back to their local library a total of 4,000 hours in 2 years. 

Go visit these amazing volunteers and staff members at Central, Dogwood and East Roswell to learn more.

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