Thursday, August 2, 2012

GED Classes and Testing

The Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System is proud to offer our patrons our successful GED program at the Central Library. Study classes, taught by Atlanta Public Schools, meet every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings and accept new students on the second Tuesday of every month. A valid state ID is needed for placement into these classes and reservations are required, so please be sure and call ahead (404.802.3560 ) for more information. You can also visit the website for meeting times, testing dates, and other library locations where the test is administered.

And we also invite our patrons to check out all of our GED materials located in every branch throughout the system. For study guides, helpful videos and more visit the library catalog or your local librarian to find exactly what you need to help boost your test-taking skills. You can also use our online databases found in our A-Z Database List, such as LearnATest, for online practice tests, ebooks, and study help. This database will even time and score you, then follow up with correct answers to anything you may have missed.

For further information about our GED classes and testing, call the GED Information Line at 404.730.1837. For testing information you may also contact Rick Wright, GED Chief Examiner at 404.730.1733. We know that these resources will continue to help more of our patrons achieve their goals!

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