Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back To School Homework Help!

The school year has officially begun here in Fulton County and the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System is here to lend support to all our students, parents, and teachers! Not only do we have a variety of books on all subjects and for all ages, but we also offer excellent online databases covering everything from literary criticism to algebraic equations.

In particular, is a great resource for students of all ages who need help in any subject. By accessing through the library's eCampus resources, you can have live one-to-one help every day, 24/7! Quickly and easily create your free account using an email address and password to connect with a certified tutor using live chat. You can ask questions about an assignment, get help solving problems, or have essays and papers proofread, reviewed, and critiqued.'s Skills Center also provides access to thousands of worksheets, lessons, standardized test preparation study guides, videos, even career resources, all available to our patrons for free!

For more information about our eCampus resources, contact Juree Hall, eCampus Coordinator, at We hope all of our patrons can benefit from these wonderful learning tools!


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