Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mango Visits AFPLS!

One of Mango Language's language learning specialists, Ryan Soble, recently visited a branch of the Atlanta-Fulton County Public Library to speak to students from two high schools regarding Mango and E-resources offered by the library. The visit was targeted for students who are taking a Chinese course in their school, and everyone involved learned a lot from this partnership.

AFPLS's Twana Cannon, the coordinator for the event, deserves an extra special shout out for arranging and facilitating this program!

If you're interested in learning a foreign language and are looking for a fun, interactive way to pursue your language learning goals, (all for free and from the comfort of your own home, no less!) why don't you try Mango for yourself?

1. Start by visiting the library's homepage.
2. Under Search Options, select A-Z Database Search from the dropdown menu.
3. Scroll down and click on Mango Languages (Remote Access).
4. Enter your library card number.
5. Set up your free account and get started!

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