Friday, March 2, 2012

Celebrate Teen Tech Week March 4-10!

Here are 25 ways you can participate March 4-10, 2012 so you can get into the theme of Geek Out @ Your Library! These ideas brought to you by The American Library Association's Young Adult Library Service's Association.

1. Visit the library’s webpage at

2. Download an eBook or eAudiobook from the library.

3. Download mobile library apps to your phone or tablet.

4. Check out the library’s blog at

5. Try a book-focused site like GoodReads, LibraryThing or Shelfari.

6. Create a soundtrack or book trailer for your favorite book.

7. Ask a librarian to recommend a book on an area of technology that interests you.

8. Add something to an article on Wikipedia.

9. Set up a podcast for a group or club you belong to.

10. Find the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library on Facebook and “Like” us!

11. Check out your favorite author’s webpage or blog.

12. Create an avatar on Yahoo! Avatars.

13. Start a Teen Tech Club at your school or library branch.

14. Read and contribute to a blog about technology.

15. Download a newspaper article from the day you were born using on of the
library’s many electronic databases.

16. Create a YouTube, Animoto or Vimeo video about your library or favorite book.

17. Take a class on digital photography or graphic design.

18. Learn how to use new software.

19. Search the library’s Biography Resource Center database for your favorite musician.

20. Watch some anime or start an anime club at your library.

21. Learn how to DJ or record music with a computer.

22. Start a Twitter, Tumblr or Flickr account.

23. Volunteer to tutor library users who are new to using computers.

24. Use the 'Ask a Librarian' feature of the library's website to ask a librarian a question.

25. From the library's website, use Ancestry Library to look up one of your grandparents.

Have fun exploring all the tech savvy ways you can geek out at your library!

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